How To Teach Your Baby To Crawl
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How To Teach Your Baby To Crawl

Baby milestones are moments of joy and excitement for parents as they witness their little one’s development. Crawling is a significant achievement in a baby’s journey towards independence and exploration. In this blog post, I’ll explore different ways to teach your baby to crawl. For detailed demonstrations and more valuable insights, don’t forget to check out my YouTube video linked below.

The Importance of Crawling:

Crawling is not just about mobility; it’s an important step in your baby’s physical and cognitive development. It helps build essential core muscles, strengthens their coordination, and encourages curiosity and exploration. As parents, we play a crucial role in facilitating this milestone. Read more about the importance of crawling here. We can teach our babies to crawl by encouraging them to develop the necessary foundational movements and muscle strength needed for crawling.

Pre-Crawling Milestones

Crawling typically begins around 7-10 months of age, but remember, each baby develops at their own pace. Before full crawling, look for pre-crawling milestones such as pushing themselves backward, making 360-degree turns, or doing an army crawl. Rocking on hands and knees usually precedes forward movement in this position. Sometimes babies do these pre-crawling milestones for weeks and months before they start crawling on hands and knees.

Here are some ways to encourage your baby to practice these pre-crawling milestones. Don’t forget, if you are a visual learner head over to my Youtube video where I demonstrate each of these.

Way #1 – Tummy Time Play: The Foundation To Teaching Your Baby To Crawl

Tummy time play is a fundamental strategy for encouraging crawling. It helps your baby develop the core muscles needed for movement. Begin by placing your baby on their tummy for short periods throughout the day, surrounded by motivating and interactive toys. As your baby grows stronger and more curious, you’ll notice them attempting to lift their head and chest off the ground, and eventually push through their arms into what I call Olympic Level Tummy Time. This is the initial step towards crawling, and teaching your baby to crawl. Celebrate their efforts to keep them motivated. If you need more help with tummy time, check out my blog on some practical tips here.

Way #2 – Offer Input At Their Feet:

The second strategy involves offering input at your baby’s feet. Gently place your baby on their tummy and position yourself behind them. Provide playful stimulation near their feet, gently pushing their toes into the floor or using a soft toy to attract their attention. This helps them understand where their feet are and that their feet can help them move. Over time, they’ll build the strength and coordination needed for crawling.

Way #3 – Create an Obstacle Course To Teach Crawling:

Another way fun and motivating way to teach your baby to crawl is to create an obstacle course for your baby. Set up a safe and baby-friendly course with cushions, pillows, and your legs, leading to their favorite toy as the ultimate goal. This challenge encourages them to practice crawling movements and build crucial muscles. Celebrate their accomplishments along the way.

Way #4 – Teach Your Baby To Crawl Up The Stairs:

Teaching your baby to crawl up the stairs is another great way to build your baby’s strength and confidence . Introduce them to crawling up the stairs, always ensuring a safe environment and close supervision. Crawling up the stairs enhances their crawling skills, balance, and coordination.

Teach Your Baby To Crawl By Fostering Exploration:

To support your baby’s development, and help your baby crawl, focus on creating a stimulating environment that encourages exploration. Babies are natural explorers, and they love to discover the world around them. Provide a safe space with different textures, surfaces, and objects at varying levels and distances. Be their supportive cheerleader during exploration sessions, boosting their confidence in their crawling abilities.


Crawling is an incredible journey for both you and your baby. It symbolizes their growing strength, curiosity, and determination. I hope this blog gave you some great initial tips to teach your baby to crawl. Remember that every baby is unique, and they will reach this milestone at their own pace. Every step forward, no matter how small, is a significant achievement. Enjoy the journey, celebrate their progress, and create a safe space for them to explore their newfound mobility.

For a comprehensive guide to infant development, check out my Quick Guide To Infant Development. If you found these tips valuable, please share this blog with other parents. Happy crawling, parents!

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