Healy Frequency Therapy

If you're ready to go from exhausted, overwhelmed, and depleted to increased energy, joy, and living your best life, then I invite you to keep reading ...

Healy is a frequency device in the form of a small and wearable tool that uses individualized micro current (IMF) and quantum scalar frequencies to support cellular health of the body's bioenergetic field.

Imagine if you could breakthrough your health issues in a matter of minutes, how would that change your life?

No more stress driving you to burnout...

No more endless mental loops and beating yourself up...

No more feelings of disconnection and loneliness...

Welcome to the world of frequency therapy - the ultimate bio-hack for overcoming life's obstacles. With Healy, you hold the key to your own transformation and empowerment, anytime, anywhere.

My Healy Story: Transforming Life With Frequencies

Hey there, I’m Kaili, and I want to share my incredible journey of the past 6 months with the Healy wellness device and frequencies. This magical tool has touched every aspect of my daily life, from sleep and congestion to migraines and beyond, bringing a touch of magic to each mome.

You have the ability to manifest at a quantum level, creating the life you desire using the power of frequencies.

Imagine a world where...

Healy assesses who you are in your wholeness, then sends you frequencies needed to bring your body back into alignment, balance, coherence …. RESONANCE!

Discover the world of Healy - your portal to a life of harmony and vitality


Be Open & Learn

Read or watch the free resources available on this page to learn more about frequencies, bioenergetic field, and the Healy and how this can all support your overall well-being.


Find Your Fit

Decide whether you want to trial distance healing, or purchase your own Healy. Choose your Healy Edition.


Change Your Life

Start using frequencies to bring your body back into alignment and balance and watch the magic unfold.

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What Is Healy?

"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies."

What is Healy, and what can it do?

By combining science and technology, Healy scans the body’s quantum biofield to assess your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic well-being. It then recommends various frequency programs designed to meet your unique needs and help bring your body back into alignment with your original energetic blueprint.

Your journey to wellness starts now, with Healy. Join us and take the first step towards a life of balance, vitality, and empowerment.

Healy helps with pain, sleep, skin, digestion, organs, stress, cell regeneration, hormones, ageing, etc

Healy has over 144,000 GOLD frequencies, 10.1 Million frequencies, and over 230 ready-to-use programmed therapies for various body support.

Each Healy program contains from 10-500 different frequencies, & runs about 50-min in length.

Healy can provide frequencies to people, animals, plants, spaces (land, buildings), vehicles, organizations, groups, businesses, etc)

Healy has a quantum sensor that scans your bioenergetic field in a matter of seconds.

Healy has frequencies of various alternative medicinal modalities such as Bach Flowers, Australian Bush Flowers, Schuesshler Salts, etc

Meet The Founder & Inventor of Healy

Marcus Schmieke is the inventor of the Healy device and founder of the Healy company. He is a German quantum physicist who spent 10+ years as a monk, meditating on the nature of the quantum field and how we can connect to that field. Watch the additional videos below to hear the science behind how it works.

Find Your Fit

Distance Healing

Using my new frequency device, called the Healy, I will ‘vibrate’ or send magnetic frequencies to you over distance to harmonize your (or your baby’s) bioenergetic field. These frequencies will help to bring your body back into resonance so that it can do its amazing job of healing itself – body, mind, and spirit.

Sleep | Body Tightness or Discomfort | Reflux | Feeding Concerns | Fussiness | Colic | Post-Partum Mood Disorders | Exhaustion | Energy

The possibilities are endless and I am happy to get creative with what you want to support.

I offer distance healing in 2-week packages, with me sending you frequencies daily M-F for those 2 weeks.  You need to do nothing at all, but be open to the possibilities of what these frequencies can do.

Integrating Healy Into Your Lifestyle

In today’s fast-paced world, taking care of our health and well-being is more important than ever.  If you are anything like me, and the many mamas I support, then you also want to do the best in terms of taking care of your family too.  From reducing toxins, to eating whole foods, drinking clean water, and getting enough physical exercise and sleep.

Healy is a portable device that uses frequencies to help you achieve a higher level of wellness, happiness, and balance in your life. It is like having a personal assistance for your health & wellbeing.

Healy Rental

Not quite ready to jump in and buy a Healy for yourself?  

Or maybe you want to try it out before you buy? 

Although Healy does have a 14 day full refund policy (from the day you receive it in the mail), I totally understand that it is a big investment and you might want to just ‘make sure’ it is the right tool for you. I love Healy so much that I have a few of them. 

Now you can rent a Healy from me for only $50/week (+shipping fees). Please email me at kaili@kailiets.com if you are interested in renting a Healy.

Six Reasons Why You'll Love Healy

Healy is like having a complementary & alternative practitioner in your pocket.

Healy is another income stream if you choose to share & refer to others.

Healy attracts the most beautiful, open- hearted community you can imagine.

Healy is an aligned community, friends, and potential clients for your other business (if you have one)

Healy radiates divine feminine energetics, business & wealth mentorship.

Healy allows you to be online and work from anywhere in the world.

But wait .... there's more!
Healy has a sister product called the MagHealy.

The MagHealy is a perfect companion to the Healy and MagHealy allows you to bring frequencies to your body, your water, and your environment via magnetic fields. The MagHealy also has the capability of the Frequency Specific Microcurrents (FSM Therapy)

MagHealy Details

Watch the video to learn more, or click here to read about the MagHealy.


Hi there, I'm Kaili!

Your Holistic Baby Guru.

I am a high vibing mama (of 2), a wife, and I love babies! I heave a passion for normalizing and bringing clarity around baby development, sleep, reflux, and more.

As a mom of two, I understand the importance of trusting your mama instincts. I am on a mission to help mamas all over the world tune into and trust their instincts and feel like the confident supermoms they are.

My wit and humor make me an approachable authority on all things baby-related, and I provide down-to-earth advice that makes everyone feel like they can do this parenting thing!

Kind words from clients

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Healy has a 14-day return window from the date of receiving your device. This allows you to dive in and try it for 2 weeks to see if you like it.

frequently asked questions

You've got Q's? I've got A's.

The Healy World company has patented both the app and the system protocols. All microcurrent frequencies are set to an exact amperage, which is safe and low energy.

The company followed the same principle of frequencies as those available in the larger TimeWaver machines, the 13 years old parent company also founded by Marcus Schmieke and used by TimeWaver therapists around the world.

Healy has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) as a bioenergetic resonance device to relieve pain, stress, along with balancing your mind and body through the use of individualized frequencies.

In Canada Healy is a medical device authorized for sale by Health Canada or the temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the shoulder, waist, back, neck, upper and lower extremities due to strain from exercise or normal household work activities and symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain and relief of pain associated with arthritis, neuralgia, myalgia and fibromyalgia.

In Europe, Healy is a Class 2 medical device and approved for the treatment of pain in chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders.

Check out this video from HealyAcademy for more detail on how the Healy programs work – https://youtu.be/bCPvtJLjCy4

The biofield is a composition of various fields produced by ions, molecules, and cells which make a complex human system with immense electromagnetic capacities. The biofield generated by these charged particles condensed to create a body visible to the eye yet has electron clouds which extend into space interacting with the fields in its environment. Read more here –  https://www.biofieldlab.com/whatisthebiofield

FSM was developed by Dr. Carolyn McMakin in 1995 using frequencies passed on from an osteopath in Canada who had a practice that came with a machine made in the 1920’s.  Carolyn has now written a book about her experience and how she uses these frequencies – called The Resonance Effect (I highly recommend this!). 

For a quick overview of FSM and how they work, check out the following blog – https://frequencyspecific.com/about/

If you are interested in the research behind frequency specific microcurrent, check out this page – https://frequencyspecific.com/papers-2/

If you would rather watch/listen than read, then here is a webinar from Carolyn McMakin herself – https://youtu.be/rY_afkPOd14

Both!  The Healy comes with a set of corded wristbands and sticky pads (similar to TENS pads) that you can apply locally.  With this the Healy does have wires, which then transmits frequencies through individual microcurrent.


If you are like me, and the idea of wires makes you a little nervous, Healy also has something called a ‘coil’ that you plug into your device to make it wireless.  This then delivers the frequencies magnetically.  Watch this video to learn more about how the coil works – https://youtu.be/hEceOj_Dlrc

Yup!  I offer distance healing in 2-week packages, and also have a Healy available for rental on a monthly basis. While I am limiting the Healy rental to 1-month/person (trust me, you will want to buy one for yourself after this), I am available to do distance healing as many rounds as you need.

My rates are $165 (2 weeks of distance healing) and $50 + shipping (1-week Healy rental)

Feel free to book in for a 15-min Healy Clarity Call to answer any additional questions you may have about frequencies, distance healing, how Healy can support you, or which Healy edition is best suited for you.  Book your call here – https://l.bttr.to/brGoM

Check out this 5 minute video on the difference between the Healy Editions – https://youtu.be/jjPuuiyJa2I

If it is feasible for you, I always recommend the Healy Professional.  This is what I have and I love it!  I really do use the Digital Nutrition programs on an almost daily basis.  The Healy Professional has almost ALL the programs, so you will have options for body, mind, spirit, and soul.

But, if this is not feasible for you, even with a payment plan, then I recommend going with the highest model you are comfortable investing in at this time.

Still need help in deciding which is right for you? 

Feel free to book in a 15-min Right-Fit Call with me to chat more about your specific needs.

This is a good question, and a hard one to answer – ha!  I love them both! 

I started with a Healy and then purchased the MagHealy for the ability to infuse water, change the atmosphere of a room and also because I wanted to experience Carolyn McMakin’s FSM protocols, which are only available through the MagHealy. 

Both the Healy and MagHealy work differently, but together, and they complement one another beautifully. 

If I had to recommend just one, I would say start with the Healy – why?  Because it is super small, light, and portable and has TONS of frequencies available on it.  However, whichever one you feel most aligned with is the one that you should choose!  Trust your intuition!

When you buy any model of the Healy or MagHealy, that model comes with certain programs already on it.  These programs are yours to use and available all the time, without a subscription fee.  You can also add on additional programs as you need them, which is done through a monthly subscription fee.  However, you are free to cancel any subscription whenever you like.

If you’re purchasing a MagHealy, there are no add-ons needed. 

If you’re getting a Healy, I recommend also getting the Healy Coil. The coil allows you to run most of the Healy programs wirelessly, using magnetic frequencies instead of the microcurrent.  Sometimes Healy has various promotions that offer the coil as a bonus, so make sure to check in the sales section to view what promotions are running that month.

Payment options vary by country.  However, most locations have some kind of financing option available.  When you get to the checkout, you should be able to see the payment methods available to you.

There are research studies done on frequencies and I highly recommend reading (or listening to) the book called Resonance Effect by Carolyn McMakin as it has a lot of the science behind frequencies laid out, along with research studies, and testimonials.


Here are a few more studies to read through at your convenience.  And don’t forget you can always search a scientific database like PubMed for the specific thing you are searching for.

Your Path to Wellness Starts Here: Ready to embark on your wellness journey with Healy? Join us and take the first step towards a life of balance, vitality, and empowerment.