Online Courses & E-Books

If you're ready to go from overwhelmed and confused, to finally understanding what is going on with your baby....

Whether you are a mom, or a professional working with moms, below you will find a few courses that I have created to help YOU reduce the overwhelm, gain clarity, trust that comfort and connection are always the answer (and not causing any bad habits), and to help you tune into and start trusting your mama instincts (and your baby).

These courses & e-books will help you understand what is 'biologically normal' for sleep, development, reflux, tongue-ties, and more, so that you can figure out what might be causing your baby to have frequent wakes, not meet milestones, or have reflux that just doesn't seem to go away.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re feeling overwhelmed by all the ‘noise’ on social media, and the bickering in mommy FB groups.

You are confused with all the controversial advice you get from your doctor, your MIL, & your late-night Google searches. 

You feel like there must be a better way to understand what’s going on with your baby & support them in a way that feels aligned & right.

Online Courses

For Mamas with Babies 0-2 Years

The Holistic Baby:
Sleep Without Sleep Training
For babies 0-2 Years old

Sweet dreams for baby, empowered confidence for mama!

Sounds pretty great, right?!?

What if I told you that you can have this without having to resort to sleep training? In a way that support your baby and family’s sleep through connection, trust, and in a way that nurtures your baby’s brain and emotional development.

The Holistic Baby: Sleep Without Sleep Training course will help you understand what is ‘biologically normal’ infant sleep at each age (from 0-2 years), and will help you stop worrying whether you are creating bad habits or doing things wrong.

Sleep, development, attachment, and parenting in general are all connected!

If you are finally ready to stop stressing about naps and night-time sleep, tune into your unique baby, and optimize sleep for both your baby AND you, then this course is for you.

The Holistic Baby:
Milestones Made Easy
For Babies 0-12 months

The Holistic Baby: Milestones Made Easy course will show you how to check your baby’s body, joints, and muscles, to make sure they are all moving as they should be.

It will help you understand why your baby seems uncomfortable when being held, doesn’t snuggle in close or melt into your body, cries or seems uncomfortable in tummy time or during feeding, has painful gas or constipation, only turns their head or tries to roll to one side, or has any kind of head molding is the first step in to a more relaxed and comfortable baby.

You will also learn about the developmental milestones in the first 2 years, gaining confidence about what your baby should and should not be doing at each stage.  And, you will get access to 12 virtual classes of my Babies @ Play parent/baby classes to help you with new (and fun) activities and songs to play with and engage with your baby.

The Holistic Baby:
Supporting & Relieving Infant Reflux
For Babies 0-12 months

Finding the cause of your baby’s reflux is the most effective way to finally end your baby’s fussiness, pain, discomfort, and get their reflux resolved. This course will help you do that!

Holistic Baby:
Tongue-Tie Support & Beyond
For Babies 0-12 months

A course to help you assess and support your baby’s whole body function, with a specific focus on oral motor skills (and tongue-ties). This course will help you master soothing techniques for gassiness, reflux, constipation, overall fussiness and also help you to re-train the tongue, lips, and cheeks for optimal function for breast/bottle feeding and future skills (like language development, intro to solids,etc).

Sensory Processing & Primitive Reflexes 101
For Babies & Young Children

When things are too loud, too bright, too fast, too much… or too slow, too quiet, or not enough! Whatever the case, this course will help you navigate the ins and outs of the sensory world.

This course will give you an introduction to sensory processing & primitive reflexes, how they develop, and why they are important for us to know about for our babies and kids – and of course, what to do about it!

How sensory processing affects sleep will also be covered, along with strategies to consider implementing to nap and bedtimes.

For Pediatric Therapists & Post-Natal Professionals

Babies @ Play: Running Mom & Baby Classes Made Easy
If you are working with babies 0-2 years

A done-for-you proven 6-week course plan for pediatric professionals & therapists to help implement, run (& fill) mom & baby classes to help the mamas in your community in their first year of motherhood by being a part of their village. 

Course Formats

Short Videos

Short videos (think 10-15 minutes), packed with science-based practical tips to help your baby based on the chosen topic of support (sleep, reflux, development, sensory processing, etc)

Easy To Read Guide / Workbook

An easy-to-read guide or workbook will be available for you to print so that you can follow along, fill in the information pertinent to your baby and quickly find what’s applicable to your baby now, so that you can create the best plan of action for your unique situation.

Unlimited Access

Immediate and unlimited access so that you can come back to it whenever you need! No stressing about watching all the videos in a set amount of time. Breathe in and let it out….& watch the stress melt away.

Guest Experts & Demo Videos

Each course is slightly different but you can expect guest experts and/or live demo videos to help you visualize the activities I talk about and also hear from other professionals to enhance your learning on a particular subject.

What participants are saying.


Heart-Centred Weaning Guide
For Babies & Young Children

Are you thinking of weaning your baby or toddler (from the breast/bottle)?

Wondering if it will help with sleep?

Or perhaps you are just feeling touched out and don’t enjoy it anymore.

Whatever the reason is, it is an important decision for you and your little one.

The Heart-Centred Weaning Guide shows you how to confidently tune into and trust your mama instincts when it comes to navigating your weaning journey. It will help you create healthy expectations and habits while learning practical strategies you can use to make small changes to feeding your baby during the day/night, or bigger changes to remove feeds all together.

Sleep PROgressions
For babies 0-2 years

A done-for-you proven 6-week course plan for pediatric professionals & therapists to help implement, run (& fill) mom & baby classes to help the mamas in your community in their first year of motherhood by being a part of their village. 

Sleep Red-Flags
For Babies 0-2 Years

Discover the comprehensive guide that sheds light on various factors affecting your baby’s sleep – from teething, tongue-ties, reflux, food sensitivities, and more. This e-book offers detailed checklists to help you identify potential sleep disruptors and take proactive steps towards improving your baby’s sleep.

Holistic Mama Guide To Using Essential Oils from
For babies & Young Children

A comprehensive and practical resource designed to empower mothers with safe and effective ways to incorporate essential oils into their holistic wellness journey, from pregnancy through parenthood. This e-book provides expert guidance, tips, and essential oil recipes tailored for every stage, ensuring a natural and nurturing approach to wellbeing for both moms and little ones.

Hi there, I'm Kaili!

Your Holistic Baby Guru.

I am a high vibing mama (of 2), a wife, and I love babies! I heave a passion for normalizing and bringing clarity around baby development, sleep, reflux, and more.

As a mom of two, I understand the importance of trusting your mama instincts. I am on a mission to help mamas all over the world tune into and trust their instincts and feel like the confident supermoms they are.

My wit and humor make me an approachable authority on all things baby-related, and I provide down-to-earth advice that makes everyone feel like they can do this parenting thing!