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Sleep Deprived Mamas Community

If you are not already in my community over on Facebook, then I invite you to join me. This is where I help overwhelmed and exhausted moms with babies 0-2 years old create a clear action plan around their baby’s sleep and development so they can tune into and trust their mama instincts and feel like the confident super moms they are.

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Re-Define Baby Sleep

Mom & Baby Demo Class

Infant Development

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Helping you prepare for life with baby in those first few months.

The first step to figuring out what is causing your baby’s reflux

The first step in helping you understand what is going on with your child.

Lack of confidence and not knowing where to start are powerful blocks…

This free guide is the first step in overcoming those blocks … and getting your classes started!

So that you can be confident in the products you buy and use with your family!

Helping you confidently easy your child’s symptoms at home! (with minimal effort)

Easy Teething Tips … to ease your baby’s discomfort (and keep your sanity)

Kind words from clients

Are you ready to re-define baby sleep?

Do you keep reading about how your baby should be sleeping 11-12 hours consistently at night? Or maybe they are waking up every 2-3 hours and you’re wondering if something is wrong.

How could something so simple be so confusing?

The quick answer is that the sleep training culture has set unrealistic expectations for us, which then cause overwhelm, worry, and oh-my-goodness the mom guilt thinking you are creating bad habits.

The Sleep Make-Over Guide is the first step to understanding and nurturing your baby’s sleep without sleep training.