Rethink Baby Sleep Training
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Rethink Sleep Training: The Truth About Baby Sleep

If you’re a parent who’s experienced sleepless nights due to your baby’s unpredictable sleep patterns, you’re not alone. The search for answers about baby sleep often leads us to the concept of traditional sleep training. In this blog, I’m exploring the truths about baby sleep and why conventional sleep training methods might not be the silver bullet solution you’ve been hoping for. It’s time to rethink sleep training.

Why We Need To ReThink Sleep Training

Before I dive into the reasons why traditional sleep training might not be the best approach, it’s crucial to understand that the desire for your baby to sleep through the night is entirely natural. As parents, we all crave those peaceful, uninterrupted nights of rest. But realistically this ideal of a full nights sleep with our babies is unrealistically put on us by the society we live in. It is a belief, and dare I say dream, that the sleep training industry has put on us. And truthfully, it is unrealistic! So it’s time to understand biologically normal infant sleep and to rethink sleep training. Time to question whether this is the most effective path to achieving this goal of having our babies sleep longer stretches at night, and eventually through the night.

Let’s chat about some truths related to baby sleep (and sleep training). If you are more of a visual and audio learner, then head over to my Youtube video where I chat about this topic as well.

Truth #1: Babies Wake for Natural Reasons

One of the fundamental truths about baby sleep is that babies wake during the night for entirely natural reasons. These awakenings may be attributed to hunger, thirst, a need for comfort, or even mild sleep disruptions. In fact, adults also experience occasional interruptions in their sleep cycles. It’s all part of the natural sleep process.

Truth #2: Sleep Training Doesn’t Improve Baby’s Sleep Skills

Traditional sleep training methods promise to teach babies to sleep better and longer. However, the reality is quite different. Instead of improving sleep skills, these methods teach babies that their caregivers won’t respond to their needs. As a result, babies may stop crying or seeking comfort, making it appear as if they’ve mastered the art of sleeping through the night. In truth, they often continue to wake up, but without signaling their needs. This prolonged crying can lead to a stressed-out baby and is not conducive to their well-being. It’s time to rethink sleep training and this need to ‘teach’ or ‘force’ our babies to ‘sleep through the night’.

Truth #3: Trust Your Parental Instincts

As a parent, you possess powerful maternal or paternal instincts. You naturally want to comfort your child, soothe their fears, and meet their physical needs. It’s a reflection of your unconditional love for your baby.

Traditional sleep training methods often suggest letting your baby cry without offering support, which directly contradicts these parental instincts. There is nothing wrong with nurturing your baby and responding to their cries. This isn’t about creating bad habits; it’s about honouring what’s natural—the profound bond between parent and child. It’s time to rethink sleep training!

How You Can Help Your Baby Sleep:

Instead of advocating for traditional sleep training, I encourage you to adopt the role of a “sleep detective.” Embrace your maternal or paternal instincts and approach your baby’s sleep patterns with curiosity, rather than attempting to “fix” them. Need some help? I’ve got you!


In conclusion, traditional sleep training may not be the answer you’ve been searching for to solve your baby’s sleep issues. It’s time to rethink sleep training. Time to trust your instincts, be a “sleep detective,” and follow what feels natural to you. Every baby is unique, and by listening to your inner wisdom, you can navigate this beautiful journey together.

For those seeking more in-depth insights and practical guidance, I invite you grab my FREE Sleepy-Time Success Checklist to help you optimize your day, so that you can optimize your baby’s sleep at night! It’s a great way to get started in improving your baby’s sleep in a nurturing and understanding way.

If you found this blog informative, please consider sharing it with other parents facing similar sleep challenges. Together, we can help more families enjoy better sleep for both parents and their little ones.

Here’s to a future of peaceful nights and fulfilling parenting journeys!

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