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Combating PostPartum Hair Loss

Mama, congratulations on your newest bundle of joy! 

I hope you are enjoying the snuggles in between the gazillion diaper and outfit changes, the countless hours of having babe attached to your boob (or bottle-feeding), and the sleep exhaustion that new mamahood brings…sigh, I suppose we all knew it wasn’t meant to be easy….but truly the reward of those little eyes gazing up at you (and the snuggles when baby is happy) are priceless….am I right?

You’re probably used to the spit up on all your clothes, and maybe have even picked out your comfiest ‘mom uniform’ that you are literally living in.  You’ve likely had at least one episode of being peed or pooped on…..but the hair loss (gah!). There is no sugar coating it…..IT STINKS!!!

During pregnancy your body goes through some pretty magical changes as it is creating that tiny little human.  And I’ll bet even amidst the morning sickness, exhaustion, and new aches and pains of pregnancy, you were thinking….”wow, my hair, it is so shiny, thick, and healthy….it is truly magical”.

Then, the day you have been waiting and planning for finally arrives and baby is born….. And boom, just a few short weeks later your hair starts to fall out….in clumps…and there is hair EVERYWHERE!

I know, I know, the hair thinning and actual hair loss is a normal and natural side effect of the hormonal changes our bodies go through after baby is born.  But still…. it really sucks.  Just because it is ‘normal’, doesn’t mean you have to sit back and watch your hair just fall out and hope it comes back one day.

Here are my top tips for combating that dreaded, and often unavoidable hair loss.

  1. Get picky with your brush. Avoid using a brush or comb that pulls or stresses the hair. I really love the Wet/Dry brush, or choose one with natural bristles like bamboo.

  2. Jojoba Oil – The fatty oil may also help hair cells reproduce faster, and don’t get fooled by the ‘fatty’ part….fortunately this one doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue after being washed out. Massage it into your roots and then wash out after 10-15 minutes.
  3. Egg Hair Mask – I know, I know, it sounds kind of …well, icky!  But hear me out…. Eggs promote hair regrowth because of their high levels of protein, and about 70% of your hair is comprised of Keratin protein. If you want to give this mask a try, mix one egg and one tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl. Apply the egg mask to damp hair and let it sit for 10-15 minutes (you’re probably going to want a shower cap or towel or something so you don’t have that egg slime dripping from your hair…. You’ve been warned). Once the egg has fully soaked and absorbed, rinse out and condition your hair as per usual.

And this last one is truly my favourite…. I am in love with (okay, it might be verging on a slight obsession) essential oils.

4. Essential Oils* can be a really great, and easy way to stimulate hair re-growth (without having to spend a lot of time DIY-ing intricate recipes or waiting for your ‘hair mask’ to absorb, because you know, that new little baby needs you…. ALL.THE.TIME).

My favourite essential oils for hair re-growth are Rosemary, Lavender, Clary Sage (great for re-balancing hormones too), and when I want to bring out the big guns…..Cedarwood (and bonus, Cedardwood stimulates your body’s melatonin production, aka the ‘sleep hormone’…and what new mama doesn’t need more sleep. P.S. Mamas, this one is safe for baby too, just make sure to dilute it!).

Try mixing them together in a hair spritz, or use them separately by dropping them directly onto your head (before bed would be a great time!).

Hair spritz recipe – use a 2 oz glass spray bottle, 1 oz water, 1 oz apple cider vinegar, and ~15 drops of the essential oils of your choice. Spray it on your hair after you shower and massage into roots (and then go about your day taking care of baby).

*Not all essential oils are created equal. It is critical that you use the right essential oils (yup, that means not the ones from the dollar store…gasp!), especially if you are using on your skin, and with babies/kids. Get in touch with me for guidance!*

Need some more help with natural wellness tips to get you through motherhood?  Reach out, I am here!  kaili@kailiets.com | www.kailiets.com | @kailietswellness on IG/FB

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