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Healy or WavWatch? Which is Better?

Are you a mom or are an expecting mom looking for ways to keep your family safe and healthy? Are you looking for a safe and natural way to manage your family’s health and well-being?

This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about the Healy Device and WavWatch – from what it does and how it works, to all of the amazing benefits it can provide for both mama and child. So read on to learn more!

I have been exploring the power of frequencies more and more over the past year. Though I have been using essential oils for years and those have different frequencies for each plant I was not consciously using them based on frequencies but more so based on healing benefits.  

I have also seen the power of sound and vibration frequencies through my Babies @ Play classes using my Tibetan singing bowl to start and finish the class and also calm the fussy babies during class. 

Last summer I was introduced to the WavWatch and loved the idea of having an easy wearable tool that could provide me with healing sound frequencies all day long. When I first purchased the WavWatch, I absolutely LOVED it and was super excited – even though my husband totally got many many jokes about how I could watch videos on my new HUGE ‘apple watch’ lol.  Anyway, I wore the WavWatch daily for months and it really did help with various ailments that I had.  And then Healy came back into my awareness and my true love affair began.

Read more to learn about the pros and cons of each device and why I absolutely am head over heels for Healy.

What is Healy Device?

The Healy Device is an innovative piece of technology that has been designed to help us, as humans, take our wellness into our own hands, from the comfort of our homes.  It was invented in Germany, by Marcus Shmieke and has been available in Europe for the past few years.  Last summer it arrived in Canada, and it’s no surprise that this device has gained so much popularity recently, as parents everywhere are striving to maintain the best health possible for their little families.

The Healy is a lightweight, wearable, biohacking, wellness device that takes holistic health to a whole new level.  It merges health, science, technology, and spirituality, and can be used to support your body in various ways.  From helping with chronic pain, to bringing harmony to hormones and other bodily systems, to supporting sleep, or bringing you more energy.  You name it and Healy likely has a program that can help.

For me personally I have been using the Healy for about 1.5 months to support myself and my family and have even started trialing the distance healing option to help family that lives farther away.  And yes, I have even had trialed this with some of my sleep clients. And there have been many magical coincidences along the way, which have made be a firm believer in this little frequency device.

From managing migraines, pretty much eliminating my PMS symptoms, supporting my varicose veins, bringing calm and emotional balance to our household, helping with allergies and bringing harmony to the body to allow better and more restful sleep. This little device has quickly become my go to ‘first line of defense’ (yes, even before I reach for my oils!) and it can easily become yours as well.

How does a Healy Device work?

As a new parent, you want to make sure your baby is healthy and safe. One cutting-edge technology that can help you monitor and maintain the health of your family is the Healy device. 

The Healy device is a revolutionary tool designed with that goal in mind. Using the quantum sensory housed inside the Healy device, it is able to detect and support bioenergetic imbalances in the body by sending out wearable microcurrent stimulation therapy (when you use the wires and wristbands), and magnetic frequencies (when you use it with the wireless coil).

It’s easy to use, small enough to transport so it can be taken wherever life takes you and your little one, plus it doesn’t require batteries or specialized training—all making it an ideal tool for keeping watch over both mom and baby without intruding on precious moments together.

It is an innovative wellness device that has been developed for its supportive health & wellness benefits, providing potential therapeutic support for the entire family. 

Designed by experienced healthcare professionals with extensive experience in integrative medicine and energy therapy, this revolutionary device utilizes state-of-the-art TimeWaver technology to not only address physical ailments, but also support emotional & energetic well being.  The possibilities of its use are endless.

How often should I use a Healy Device?

As a parent, using the best products for your family is always top of mind. With so much to consider in ensuring their safety and comfort, it can be difficult to decide on which product may benefit your family the most. 

The Healy device has been gaining traction in recent years as a potential health solution for both mom and baby is the Healy device – but how often should you use one?

The recommendation from Healy World is to run approximately 2-3 programs a day, when using the wrist bands or wired electrodes, but you can use the Healy with the coil (using magnetic frequencies instead of individual microcurrents) as many times a day as you want – there is no limit, but the recommendation is to follow how your body feels and sometimes a break is good to allow your body to integrate. This break will help your body assimilate the frequencies and help your body do its very important job of healing from the inside out.

What is a WavWatch Device & How does it work?

The WAVwatch is a self-care tool that uses the power of sound therapy to help with common self-care problems and imbalances in your body (like pain, inflammation, anxiety, cold & flu, headaches, kidney stones, and more).

Sound therapy is used in Wavwatch to retune and realign the energy in your body. The sound will be absorbed by your body – through your skin. 

The Wavwatch promotes self-care to help you maintain or encourage good health. It is also not FDA approved so it is not considered as a medical device. 

I’ve tried using both devices. Here’s a chart for quick comparison:

In conclusion, Healy Device is a fascinating and innovative device that has revolutionized the way we think about health and wellness. Its aim is to help reduce mental and physical stress through targeting neural and meridian pathways and sending specific healing frequencies to the body. The frequencies help to harmonize or bring your body (or that specific body system that you are targeting) back into balance, so that it can do its job of healing. The body’s response to these frequencies can create a calming or stimulating effect on the nervous system, helping you find new ways to increase your baby’s energy, improve their sleep disturbances, regulate dopamine levels, and increase overall wellbeing. 

By using programmed frequencies, the Healy device provides effective relief from chronic pain, stress, anxiety, fatigue and a host of other ailments. Its quick and easy application makes it a convenient choice over many other quantum energy healing techniques available.

Plus, the device’s impressive range of applications means that you can now use it as part of your family’s wellness plan..

So if you’re interested in tapping into the potent power of quantum frequency to restore harmony and balance in you and your family’s life, try out the Healy Device today. 

It’s obvious that my go-to recommendation for frequency devices is Healy! You may purchase it if you are from Canada & USA (and they even have an International shop)! There is no better way to experience natural healing than through this amazing device! Don’t wait any longer – experience quantum frequency in the comfort of your home today.

If you are curious about Healy and WavWatch, you may watch the VIDEO about how I compared them to each other. 

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