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Flathead Syndrome in Babies: What You Need to Know

Wondering about Flathead Syndrome in Babies? You’ve found the perfect spot. In our chat today, we’re unpacking everything about Flathead Syndrome—what it is, its impact on your little one, and hands-on tips for prevention and care.

Understanding Flathead Syndrome in Babies: Often known by its formal names—plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, or scaphocephaly—Flathead Syndrome can alarm parents when they notice a flat spot or an unusual shape on their baby’s head. Tackling this early is key, especially from my dual role as a mom and pediatric occupational therapist.

Why Flat Head Syndrome Happens: Its causes can range from spending too much time in a single position to neck muscle stiffness, torticollis, or even frequent use of baby gear. Spotting these causes early is essential for effective prevention and intervention.

Identifying Head Shape Changes: There’s plagiocephaly (side flattening), brachycephaly (back flattening), and scaphocephaly (long, narrow head). Knowing which type your baby might be experiencing helps tailor your prevention and care strategies.

Prevention Tips: Mix in plenty of tummy time, switch up your baby’s position often, and embrace baby bodywork techniques. Dive deeper with my “Five Ways to Help Your Baby’s Head Shape” video for all the guidance you’ll need.

When Treatment Might Involve Helmets: While proactive steps usually keep things in check, some cases might need helmets or cranial orthosis. But remember, it’s always about addressing the root causes first.

Choosing Bodywork Over Positional Devices: Skip the gadgets and go for professional bodywork to support your baby’s head shape and overall wellbeing.

Remember, your baby’s health and well-being are a shared journey. Understanding and preventing Flathead Syndrome, along with taking proactive steps, will ensure your baby’s comfort and development.

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