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Hi there, I'm Kaili!

Your holistic baby guru.

Thanks for checking out my corner of the internet where I support mamas all over the world in understanding what might be going on with their baby, while helping them tune into (and trust) their mama instincts.

I have a passion for normalizing and bringing clarity around baby sleep, development, reflux, and more. I am a wife and mama of two, and I fully understand the importance of trusting yourself. I am on a mission to help you tune into your intuition and feel like the confident super mom you are!

I like to think of myself as an approachable authority on all things baby-related, as I provide down-to-earth advice that makes everyone feel like they can do this parenting thing!

If you've still got questions for us or want to chat, please email us anytime! I'd love the chance to chat further, no pressure, we promise.