Beautiful Mama & Mama-To-Be, I See You...

You're worried about your baby's development. You're tired from all the sleepless nights.  And you're comparing yourself and your baby to everyone else. Or maybe you just want to be prepared for the day you bring home your new baby.

But more importantly, you're a little overwhelmed
(Okay, maybe a lot)

 There is so much information out there - on the internet, from your doctor, from your mother-in-law, or even sister!  Everyone seems to be saying and doing something different.
Here's the thing mama, I see you.  I was you!
Trying to figure out the what, the why and the how behind my baby's development, sleep (or lack thereof) and also how in the world to protect this little, fresh bundle from all the 'ick' out there in the world.

There is so much information out there - it can be intimidating.

What do you believe? Who do you trust? Where do you start?

I have been where you are... (or at least close to it)
Let me guess....

You’re here because you want the best for your baby, and you want the confidence and support to trust your instinct!

You want to make sure you are supporting your baby's development appropriately, 
while providing the right stimulation.

And let's be're exhausted!

You are here because you want to keep you family healthy and well, to use the best (and cleanest) products on your kids, and embrace natural alternatives to common, everyday concerns.

Imagine having an infant development and sleep expert at your fingertips...
Your personal coach and cheerleader who will encourage you to find and trust your mama instincts.

A wellness and essential oil guru to help you live a toxin free life to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Plus, you'll be part of a community...

Think of it like your virtual village of support - connecting with mamas all over the world.
We've got you...and together we'll rock your motherhood journey!

And.... I am here to hold your hand every step of the way.

I've spent 12 years working with babies and kids, as a pediatric occupational therapist, as well as the last 5 years as a mama, in the trenches of all things related to baby development and sleep.  And, I have also been researching and learning about toxins and toxin free living, and using essential oils daily and safely with my whole family (during my pregnancy and with a newborn).

I’m here to simplify your search, answer your questions, and take you on a holistic motherhood journey in simple steps. I do this by arming you with the knowledge you need for everything infant development, sleep and natural wellness.


The Holistic Mama Membership

The Holistic Mama Membership is for mamas who want to do things a bit differently. Who want to approach motherhood through a more holistic and natural lens, and want to feel empowered to walk along their own path, one that honours their unique family values and desires.

I created this Holistic Mama Membership to help you become the most confident version of yourself, as a mama, so that you can save time, money, your body from toxins, and your sanity.

The truth is - this isn’t your ordinary membership, it’s more of a relationship.

Side by side, we’ll launch you into a thriving mama, one who is confident in herself and in her baby, and the choices she makes for her family, in the most efficient way possible.

You'll be rocking motherhood in no time!

This Membership Is For You .....

√ If you’re in your 3rd trimester, eagerly awaiting the arrival of your baby, and it is for you if you are a mama of a young toddler who wants some extra guidance on certain things.

√ It is for you if you're someone who wants to go green one toxin-free product or one ingredient at a time, or if have thrown out all conventional items you once owned and now make all your own household products.

√ It is for you if you're someone who wants to explore essential oils, or is not even sure what those are.

√ This membership is for the woman who knows she wants to give her baby the best start to life, with evidence based support from experts in their fields, and wants a community of like-minded mamas.

What Mamas Are Saying.....

What's Included
(aka.... the Holistic Mama Perks)
Inside the Holistic Mama Membership, you'll get the knowledge, the support, & the community to guarantee your
success as a thriving mama! Each month you get all of the items below....
  1. Two Live Q&As from an infant development expert
    Where you can work through any motherhood challenges, ask all those burning questions, & learn from my from my experience (and mistakes 😉).

  2. Mama Masterclass on the current monthly theme
    A different topic each month ranging from motor milestones, to sleep basics, to dealing with reflux, to learning about toxins & kicking the chemicals to the curb.

  3. Mystery Mama Expert for well-rounded support
    These mamas will be chatting with us about her area of expertise - think lactation consultant, hypno-parenting expert, doula, maternal mental health professional, and more.

  4. A Printable for easy reminders at your fingertips
    That you can put on your fridge, or share with your partner.

  5. Facebook Community Group 
    (aka 'your virtual village')
    Like-minded, supportive mamas, who are all here to help each other out.

    And that is not all!

    I'll be throwing in some special surprises and bonuses like tummy-time and self-care challenges, age appropriate toy & activity ideas, + fun ways to sing & play with your baby. There may be a special recipe or an oily giveaway here & there...just saying 🤩 🥳

There is so much I want to share with you, but here are a few of the topics coming your way!

The Holistic Mama Learning Corner
  • Tummy time, motor milestones
  • Sleep
  • Attachment/Bonding
  • Language/communication
  • Emotions (for mom and baby)
  • Regulation and self-soothing
  • Sensory processing and how this can affect development and sleep
  • Feeding (breast/bottle)
  • Reflux
  • Intro to solids
  • Picky eating
  • Reading labels
  • Clean home/detox your home (DIY cleaning products)
  • The powerful therapeutic benefits of essential oils...and how to use them safely with your whole family (baby included)
  • Clean beauty and skincare (make-up, face/body creams and serums, deodorant, cleansers)
  • And so much more
Join the Holistic Mama Membership wait list today, 
the only one of its kind that will bring you more confidence in your baby's development, sleep and wellness.

The way to get the most out of The Holistic Mama Membership is to give yourself a year in the program if you're committed to yourself, growing your confidence, and becoming a thriving mama! And, I've designed this so that it fits into (and works) with your busy mom life.

This is an ongoing commitment but if for any reason you feel like this membership is not supporting you in your motherhood journey, you can of course cancel at anytime. You can cancel your membership at any time by clicking the 'cancel' button at the very bottom of any email I sent out regarding the membership, at least 7 business days before your next billing. If you pay the annual rate and choose to cancel before your yearly payment, we will prorate your fee at the monthly rate within 7 business days of your request.

Wherever you are, I will meet you there. 

It is my mission to empower mamas to feel confident about their baby's development, sleep, and living a little more green, every day, on their own terms, without the overwhelm.

Hi, I'm Kaili...
I am a mom of two, an entrepreneur, and founder of Kaili Ets Family Wellness. 

With my first-born, I ping ponged between 'I've got this' and 'what the heck am I doing', especially in the first few years.  I had lots of training and experience in infant and child development, and still, I felt completely confused and overwhelmed.  I was reading all the books, Googling left and right, downloading all the guides, all of which seemed to be saying something different. 

I felt like I was trying to figure things out on my own, while trying to bond with this new tiny human, making sure he met all his milestones, and trying to manage my emotions.

It was all too much, and I felt, well....village-less.

During this period I was also becoming conscious about what I was using on my newborn and his 'fresh, virgin' skin. It was then that I committed to reducing the number of unnecessary and potentially harmful products I was bringing into my home, I discovered essential oils, and even began DIY-ing my some of my own cleaning and personal care products. 

Now as I pursue my passion of growing my own business, working primarily with moms and babies, I really want reduce the overwhelm of motherhood, one mama and baby at a time.

With my training and 12 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist (OT), along with my hands-on experience as a mom of two kids, I am here to support you to feel more confident in your baby/child's development, and sleep. I am also here to inspire you to embrace non-toxic living, choose plant-based products, and learn to use essential oils safely to support your family’s health and wellness.

I really wanted to bring my knowledge and expertise out to the larger world, and make it affordable for all moms to access. And so, this membership has come to be.

So, What Exactly Does It Mean To Be A Holistic Mama?
How to tell if this membership is right for you....

Maybe you’re super familiar with the idea of living a "holistic lifestyle";
or perhaps you’ve never really investigated what that means or aren’t too sure how it applies to you.

  • Does it mean you should eat organic or eliminate certain ingredients from your household? It can! 

  • Does it mean you bring your own bags to the grocery store, buy sustainable clothing, and make your own cleaning products? It can mean that too!

  • Does it mean you are (or are planning to be) a breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping mama, that likes the idea of following an attachment based parenting style? Yup!

Or maybe you want some of these things, but not all of them?

  • Perhaps you are bottle feeding...
  • Or, you like having your baby sleep in a separate space (because you know, you want and need your space and sleep too!). 

    Well guess what, you can be a 'holistic' mama and have these things too!
Being a holistic mama is about....
√ being aware of what normal infant development is, what normal baby sleep is, so that you can encourage them to develop appropriately, not rushing, but rather trusting.

√ knowing the why behind various choices (breast vs. bottle, crib sleeping vs. co-sleeping).

√ living consciously and arming yourself with the knowledge to protect your body, your baby, and your home.

Ultimately it is about finding and trusting that YOU know best for your baby & for your family!

There is no right or wrong way to become a more holistic mama!

This membership is for the mama who wants to help her baby with development and sleep, in an attachment focused, evidence based, and developmentally appropriate way.  Who wants to learn more about toxins, create greener habits, and wants to do it her way, in her own time.

Be imperfectly attachment focused. Be imperfectly supporting development. Be imperfectly green.

Because small changes are better than none!

Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: What ages is this membership for?

This membership is for mamas from their 3rd trimester who want to prepare for the post-partum period with a newborn, all the way to mamas with toddlers up to 18 months old. Ultimately my goal is for this membership to grow and serve mamas with young children up to 3 years of age.

Q: I know you are a former occupational therapist, does this mean this membership is only for those babies with developmental delays?

Nope! This membership is for all mamas, whether you have a typically developing baby or one that might have some delays or even medical conditions. This membership will be teaching you all about biologically NORMAL development, sleep, and empowering you to use natural wellness tools with your family. There is no 'therapy' involved and I will always refer you to the appropriate healthcare professionals as needed.

Q: Does this involve sleep training or cry-it-out?

Nope!  The sleep support that you will be getting is all developmentally-driven and attachment-focused and I do not recommend separation based techniques.

Q: How do I know if I am a holistic mama?

If you are a mama with an open mind, a willingness to learn about biologically normal development & sleep, you have even the slightest interest in natural alternatives to health, and you are eager to listen to and trust your mama instincts, based on your values and desires, then you are in the right place!

Q: Remind me what is included each month.

Every month will have a theme, which will rotate through Development, Sleep, Natural Wellness, Feeding, & Mama Love. Each month you will get 4 pieces of content - the mama masterclass (a training on the theme of the month), the monthly printable (with the most important things to remember for that month's theme), the mystery mama guest expert related to the theme, and a 1-hour Q&A with me that you can attend live (or catch the recording). You will also have access to the private Facebook community to come, connect, get support from the other mamas, and ask your questions there as well.

Q: If I cancel, can I re-join with the same price?

It depends.... as the membership grows, so will the price. If you cancel and re-join at a later date then you will be re-joining at the price listed at that time.

Q: I have other questions, how can I get answers?

Email with *Holistic Mama Membership Question* in the subject line.
√ Monthly Mama Educational Masterclass (value = $47)
√ Themed Quick Tips Printable (value = $19)
√ Mystery Mama Guest Expert Interview (value = $47)
√ Live 1-hour Q&A with me (value = $150)
√ Recipes, DIY tips, and natural wellness tips(value = $19)
√ Private Facebook Community (value - $19)
When you add that all up, it comes to a value of over $300.
but you can access all of this for a low cost investment of $21/month, which is less than a dollar a day!
If you want more confidence in your baby's development...

More sleep, with an attachment-focused approach and no sleep training,
Evidence based information about reflux, breastfeeding, tongue-ties, introduction to solids, and even picky eating.
Less chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
The benefits of essential oils (and food as medicine),
Healthy living and better wellness....
More resources, less googling and deciphering of contradicting information.
More confidence and less advice that goes against your mama instincts.

If those are goals of yours, the time to take steps to a more confident you, a more confident mama, one that trusts her instincts and knows she is doing the best she can for her baby and family, has arrived!

Join the Holistic Mama Membership today, 
the only one of its kind that will bring you more confidence in your baby's development, sleep and wellness.
Enrolment Options

Come for the learning, 
stay for the community & support.

Information courtesy of Kaili Ets