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Why is My Baby Not Sleeping?
 Are you looking for answers to improve your baby’s sleep?
How could something so simple be so confusing? 
You don’t need to figure it out alone. 
Sleep is more complicated than it seems. 

Good sleep is the result of many variables which need to work together - development, sensory systems, routines, attachment and physical needs can all impact your baby’s ability to sleep. Understanding all the variables gives you the best opportunity to get better sleep.

Every baby is unique. Every family is unique.  So it makes sense that every family’s goals for their baby’s sleep are unique. A useful sleep plan uses an individualized and holistic approach to come up with a sleep plan you feel good about. 

This is where I can help.

I am Kaili, I am a certified Baby-Led Sleep Specialist, helping families improve wellness and sleep.

I want to help your family get some much-needed sleep. I use my training in sensory processing, and my certification as a Baby-Led Sleep & Wellbeing Specialist™ to provide a holistic, attachment and evidenced-based approach to sleep, without using traditional sleep training.

 Get Professional Answers to All Your
Baby Sleep Questions

You're tired and searching for answers for your baby's sleep. Babies really don’t come with an instruction manual, so you seek out advice and support. But not all the advice is helpful, practical, or in alignment with your values as a parent.
  • You might hear, “You just need to let them cry.” – But when you try sleep training, every instinct tells you to go and comfort your baby.

  • People ask, “Is your baby sleeping through the night?” – And you wonder if your baby should be sleeping more by now.

  • You get asked, “Have you worked on self-soothing?” – And you don’t even know what self-soothing is, much less how to teach it to your baby.

  • You seek support and instead are told, “Your toddler is too old for your bedtime to be taking that long.” – And you just want practical tips for helping them to settle down to sleep.

  • At 3 AM you whisper to your crying toddler, “Why are you waking?”  – And you wonder if you will ever sleep well again

But the truth is...
You ARE a great parent and you WILL find the answers for your unique child.
And you will eventually sleep again. 

In the meantime, I will help provide resources and strategies for your baby sleep questions.

In a gentle way that is supportive of your parenting values.

I Bring A Unique Perspective as a Baby Sleep Specialist 

You may have tried sleep consultants, read books, or researched online. My education in sensory-processing and advanced certification as Baby-Led Sleep and Wellbeing Specialist allows me to develop a personalized and holistic sleep plan, tailored to your child. 


I understand that your family is unique and that no two families have the same goals.  I encourage you to keep the pieces of your sleep routines that you love.  And support you to make changes to the pieces that are not working. I will always support your goals, whether it is bed-sharing or sleeping separately, breastfeeding or formula.

Holistic View

Sometimes changing something simple can result in significant sleep changes — for the better or the worse. Understanding sleep requires looking at many different areas and how these variables interact with each other. In the midst of sleep deprivation, it can be difficult to figure out what to change and what not to change. 

Add on to that, a child who is growing and changing by the day and it can get confusing. I dive into all the factors and come up with a comprehensive sleep plan. I arm you with knowledge of typical development. You will be confident in addressing new sleep concerns as your child continues to grow. 

Areas I consider when addressing baby sleep: 

  • Environment - Understanding the role of the lighting, sound, and place of sleep. 

  • Routine - I help you develop healthy, age-appropriate routines that promote sleep. This looks at the entire day of napping, activity, and bedtime sleep. It also looks at the specific routines prior to sleeping. 

  • Development- As babies grow and mature, their ability to sleep and need for sleep changes. I provide extensive education on normal sleep so you will know how to meet changing needs.

  • Physical- Sleep and responding to your baby’s physical needs are connected. Things like teething, acid reflux and feeding needs can contribute to a baby’s ability to sleep.

  • Sensory- Babies have developing sensory systems so they have more difficulty adjusting to changes in stimulation and activity. I can provide sensory recommendations to promote sleep in babies.

Baby-Led Sleep™ Approach to Support Healthy Sleep

The Baby-Led Sleep™ approach will teach you how to connect with your baby on a deeper level and how to reinforce important feelings of safety and security so that when developmentally ready, your baby will be prepared and will be able to fall asleep and stay  asleep ...

This exciting new approach provides an excellent resource for families who are committed to attachment parenting. Attachment parenting focuses on understanding and meeting the needs of your child.

You do not need to use sleep training to improve your baby’s sleep.

Holistic Sleep Packages: Invest in Wellness 

What will life look like for your family when you meet your sleep goals?

The answer is different for each family, but I do know the following:

  • Improved sleep makes it easier to function and be productive at work.

  • Quality sleep decreases the impact of postpartum depression.

  • Babies are better able to play and develop when they are well-rested.

  • Improved sleep boosts immunity and makes it less likely you will get sick.

  • It is easier to make memories and be joyful when well-rested. 

In other words, investing in sleep is an investment in your family’s wellness. The early years of parenting are not only a challenge but also exceptionally precious. Be able to enjoy these special family moments — big and small. 

I offer a variety of packages to meet each family’s unique needs. We can figure out how to promote improved sleep — 
Better Sleep For Babies Sleep Course & Group Coaching
An affordable online course + 3-month group coaching program where you will have access to me on a weekly basis to come and ask your questions when you have them!

Personalized & Individual Sleep Support

Are you tired of having so many unanswered questions about your baby’s sleep? 
Looking to really dive into healthy sleep for your baby?
Ready to understand your baby's sleep and address the root causes of any issues?

I am here for you!

** Please note - additional 30% charge for twins **

Research on brain development validates that a mother's instincts about her baby are best, and this vital fact is the foundation of the Baby-Led Sleep™ approach.
I bring to the table a unique set of tools to help provide strategies to assist in supporting your little one with settling down for sleep and/or soothing back to sleep in the middle of the night.
Playful Discovery. Nurturing Growth. Transforming Connection.

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