Better Sleep For Babies

Get more sleep, so you don't have give up your dreams....
You are exhausted!
And googling 'how to get my baby to sleep at night'...

How could something so simple be so confusing? 

Mama, I am here to help you!  

Sleep is more complicated than it seems. Good sleep is the result of many variables which need to work together. Development, sensory systems, routines, attachment and physical needs all impact your baby’s ability to sleep. Understanding all the variables gives you the best opportunity to get better sleep.

Every baby is unique. Every family is unique....

So it makes sense that every family’s goals for their baby’s sleep are unique. 

Do you want an approach that is focused on developmental and attachment-focused strategies

rather than separation and behavioural techniques?

One that will help provide you with resources and strategies for your baby sleep questions,

in a gentle way that is supportive of your parenting values.

Then this program is for you!

The truth is, that you ARE a great parent and WILL find the answers to your unique child.  And you will eventually sleep again!

And I am here to help!


Better Sleep For Babies
A program to help you get more you don't have to give up your dreams. 

With more sleep, you will be more rested & feel better, allowing you to take care of your family the way you want!

The 90 Days To Better Sleep program will take you by hand, and lead you step-by-step to understanding your baby/child's sleep, why they might be having difficulties sleeping … and give you tips, tricks and strategies to help them get more sleep..... all without any sleep training. 


Finally understanding what normal sleep is!

Feeling confident that you know what is best for your baby (and your family) when it comes to sleep

Less wake ups,

Easier bedtimes,

And more sleep for everyone!

Imagine....seeing the happy contented baby you always dreamed of.
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Hi, I'm Kaili...

I am a mom of two, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Kaili Ets Family Wellness. I take my training and 12 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist (OT), my certifications as a Baby-Led Sleep & Wellbeing Specialist as well as in reflux, along with my hands-on experience as a mom of two kids, into my work with clients, to really support moms to feel more confident in their baby/child's sleep & development.

Since having my first baby, who never slept more than 3 hours in a row until he was 8 months old, I have developed a passion for sleep and wellbeing for mamas and babies. And it wasn't until I got help, in a gentle, supportive and responsive way that we all finally got the much needed sleep I so desired...that we all needed!

My training and experience in infant development, sensory-processing, sleep, and having natural tools to improve things like hormones, teething, and calm/relaxation, have allowed me to develop a unique and holistic approach to helping you get more sleep.  One that is focused on developmentally appropriate and attachment-focused strategies. And now I want to share that with you!

Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Join 
the Better Sleep For Babies program

  • 3-Month Access to the Better Sleep Program Content
    You get 3-months of access to the program materials and educational videos so that you can go through them at your own pace and finally understand how best to support your baby and their sleep, in an attachment-focused, developmental way.

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls for 3-Months
    You have access to weekly 60-minute group coaching calls until September 30, 2020, where you can ask your questions regarding any questions you have about the materials, and get support for your personal situation. You have the flexibility to come and go as you need, attending the calls when you can, so that you can make this program unique to you, getting the support when you need it!

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
    You will get access to the private Better Sleep For Babies Facebook group throughout the 3-months of the course where you can come and connect with others in the program, ask your questions and get support.

  • PDFs, Checklists, and Resources
    Signs & symptoms checklists, sample bedtime routines, age appropriate wake window guidelines, and more!  
• How culture & lifestyle impact sleep
• Sleep basics and benefits
• Sleep science (sleep cycles, circadian rhythm, sleep & stress hormones, homeostatic pressure)

• Baby temperament styles (easy going babies, strong willed & intense babies) and how this affects sleep + strategies to help
• What is normal sleep (+ sleep needs) by ages + strategies to get you through 
• Sleep regressions & how they are related to development
• How feeding is related to sleep (breast & bottle feeding, feeding positions, tongue-tie, intro to solids, spoon vs. BLW, night weaning)
Rhythms, Routines, Regulation

  • Rhythms vs. schedules (we will also talk about wake windows)
  • Importance of routines
  • Including partners into the rhythms and routines - it takes a village!
  • Naps (understanding naps, benefits, short naps, where to nap, strategies to help naps)
  • Regulation & co-regulation; Self-soothing and self-regulation
  • How sensory processing and primitive reflexes can affect regulation & sleep
  • How stress, overstimulation and over tiredness can impact regulation & sleep


• Setting up the perfect environment for your unique baby (lighting, sound, temperature, what to wear)
• Safe sleep guidelines
• Crib sleeping vs. bed-sharing & how to do them both safely

• Swaddling - pros and cons + when/how to transition from the swaddle

• Benefits of essential oils (aromatherapy) and how these can help sleep

Attachment + Associations (for sleep)

• Understanding how attachment & bonding occur between mom/baby & what a secure attachment is.
• Why supporting to sleep is okay and developmentally appropriate
• Why I don't recommend separation focused techniques (ie. cry-it-out)
• Sleep associations (what they are, how they impact sleep, and why we love them.

• Making changes for things that are no longer working for you
• How to set loving boundaries/limits, and support through emotions
• How to bridge the night-time separation (for older babies/toddlers)

Mama Love

• Trusting your mama instincts
• Importance of self-care and taking time for YOU!
• 5-day self-care challenge

Sleep Interruptions & Challenges

• Sleep interruptions (ie. sleep regressions, teething, gas, colic, reflux, illness, travel)
• Sleep challenges (ie. early rising, false starts, split nights)

This Group Coaching Program Is By Application Only

You can access the program for as little as $169USD, but I want to make sure that you are a good fit for the program and will benefit from the materials, leading to a transformation in your baby's sleep.


Information courtesy of Kaili Ets