About Kaili Ets

What can I tell you about my journey as a Mom?

Being a parent often feels like a ping-pong between “I’ve got this!” and “What the heck am I doing?” ....with a heavier dose of the latter.

To make matters worse, when once there used to be a village to help support the well-being of moms and children, now many of us are feeling….village-less. AKA we’re trying to figure things out on our own, while bonding with our child, making sure we meet milestones, all while trying to monitor our emotions.

This is why we frantically seek out classes, activities, and networks to find support on how to help our kids develop. Not to mention turning to the internet and all of its misinformation - don’t get me started!

I remember all of that so well. Not that long ago, I was doing this with my son Kristjan, now a busy pre-schooler. He was and still is the light of my life (although he is learning to share that title with his younger sister, Eevi).

With many years of experience working with kids as an occupational therapist, I thought I had a leg up on this whole shebang. “No problem,” I thought, “I got this whole mom thing!” Well, I did…sort of. Yes, I knew how to play with my baby, and I knew how to encourage him to meet his milestones on time—I talked and sang to help him develop language, I bounced and rocked to calm him....But what I didn’t know, or anticipate was the pure exhaustion and brain fog from sleep deprivation, the fear of him choking when we started solids, the loneliness that comes with having no one but your little person to talk to day in and day out. There were definitely (many) days, when it just seemed just easier to not get dressed and not leave the house.

Through my professional journey and my experience as a new young mom, Kaili Ets Family Wellness came to be - I wanted to find a way to create a bonding community of moms and babies by blending my experience as a pediatric OT, my certifications in baby sleep and reflux, my experience as a mother of two young children, and my interest in reducing toxins and natural wellness. After the loves of my life, my husband, son, and daughter, Kaili Ets Family Wellness is certainly a work of passion.

Playful Discovery. Nurturing Growth. Transforming Connection.
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