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I offer a unique approach that is evidence-informed, developmentally driven, & attachment-focused. 

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I Bring A Unique Perspective... 

I have been working with babies and kids for pretty much my whole life!  For 12 years this work was in the capacity of a pediatric occupational therapist, with extensive training and experience in sensory-processing and primitive reflexes.  Now, I practice as a Family Wellness Consultant and combine my previous OT experience with my advanced certifications in the Baby-Led Sleep Approach and in Reflux, along with my hands-on experience with my own two children, which together allows me to develop a personalized and holistic plan, tailored to your baby or child. One that honours your family values and empowers you to trust your mama instincts!

Areas of Support

Whether you confused or worried about your baby's development, or your baby seems to hate tummy time.  Or maybe you are just so exhausted and would love to sleep a few extra hours each night, but the idea of sleep training makes you squirm. Or perhaps you have a really active baby, or one that seems to nurse all the time (day and night) and you want to figure out if there is something more going on.  Whatever it is, I am here to help!
Playful Discovery. Nurturing Growth. Transforming Connection.

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