Supporting Infant Reflux - Mini Course

Hey Mama,

I am so happy you are here!

This Reflux mini course will guide you in understanding your baby's reflux and supporting you in getting the right support to resolve it.  

With short, actionable videos you will learn about why reflux is a symptom and why finding the cause is so important.  You will guided to decipher your baby's various symptoms that might be causing reflux and what to look at first in terms of resolving the cause of the reflux, as well as recommendations of which professionals to seek out for additional support (think tongue tie revisions, or body work practitioners).

My mission is to help you find your confidence. To bring you the evidence and information so that you can make an informed decision and to arm you with knowledge to bring to your doctor.  Know this - the 'wait it out' approach or the prescription of medication are not the only answers to your baby's reflux.  Those are not finding the cause, and are just prolonging the pain, discomfort for your baby and heartache for you!

The group coaching component will take place over Zoom and inside the private FB group - The Holistic Mama Collective!  

Looking forward to supporting you with finding the cause of your baby's reflux and the confidence in your motherhood journey!



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